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My name is Simona Casadei and I’m an aesthetician and tattoo-make-up artist who has specialized and worked in permanent make-up for 27 years.

In 1997, I have opened a private studio with registered trademark and logo: Carpe Diem Tattoo by Simona Casadei.

From 2000 to 2017, I was the sole owner and operator of my Carpe Diem Tattoo studio dedicated exclusively to permanent make-up: eyebrows (with machine and microblading), eyes, lips, scars, breast areola, tricopigmentation and needling (CIT – collagen induction treatment).

I have followed advanced courses all over Italy and abroad with world celebrities (including: Holgher Hoffman, Van Der Velden, Toni Belfatto, Natalia Yeremenco, Mary Rictherson, Victoria Ammoscato, Katerina Zapletalova, Alexandra Goreka, Branko Babik, Nadia Gulan, Karen Betts, David Zhang, etc…) which I am very proud of as I have met wonderful people who have helped me grow and become the professional I am today.

In 2016, I published my first book Hygiene and Safety – Complete guidelines for: aesthetic treatment, permanent make-up, tattoos, piercing (Italian edition) and I have registered it © in Italy and worldwide.

Since then, the manual contents have been checked, updated and enriched in order for them to be perfect and provide total safety. In particular:

  • in the second edition of 2017, the chapters dealing with scientific topics have been reviewed by public health physicians, and the manual has been translated into English;
  • in the third edition of 2018, the sanitary and waste-related issues were reviewed by Dr. Aurelia Fonda, hygiene and preventive medicine specialist at the Ministry of Health in Italy.

I was a speaker at congresses, conferences, fairs and events of the sector and hygiene inspector in the International Competitions of Microblading and Permanent Make-up.

In recent years, I worked with several aesthetics, make-up and nail art magazines, writing articles on industry news.

My aim is to spread the hygiene message over the world of aesthetics, permanent make-up, tattoo and piercing, by divulgating all the secrets I have acquired over so many years of experience in the sector.

I have a thousand new projects for the future, always in the field of permanent make-up!

Do you want to get aesthetics, PERMANENT MAKE-UP, tattoo, piercing treatments?
Are you a trainer in the sector? Do you run a School or an Academy in these sectors?
Do you have questions on your job? …here you will find all the answers you need!


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The President Laura Grilli of the CEPEC – European Confederation of Professional Beauticians and Cosmeticians that is the European Confederation of the national Aesthetic and Cosmetic associations of the U.E. (now made up of Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Spain, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and a member of UEAPME – European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) considered my book “Manual of hygiene” a useful and necessary tool, authorizing me to use the Confederation logo in my publications, events and shows.



Congress Masterclass – Rome (about 30 min.)

Speech at “Fiera dell’Estetica (Fair of Aesthetics)” – Rome (about 20 min.)

Simona Casadei – interview on “Radio Radio”

Introduction to the Book – Manual of Hygiene (about 15 min.)

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