IMPORTANT: READ BEFORE USING THE WEBSITE: this policy shows how to use the cookies on this website and is periodically reviewed. Users will be adequately informed on any possible modification, for instance through the publication of the reviewed policy on this page, including the date of last update. Using this website, users accept to be sent cookies on their computer, according to the current policy. If you don’t wish to accept cookies from this site, please either disable cookies or avoid using this website.

1. What are cookies?

A cookie is an only-text data string, transmitted by another website to the cookie file of the user’s browser, on the computer hard drive, which enables the user’s recognition when he/she visits the site, by recalling some of his/her data. Such data may include the pages that have been visited, the choices made on the menu, specific data put into the forms, and date/time of the visits.

2. Types of cookies

There are two main types of cookies:

  • Session cookies: they are temporary cookies, that expire at the end of the browser session, which means when the user stops using the site. Session cookies enable recognition of users sailing the site during one single browser session and allow a more efficient use of the website itself. For instance, session cookies can store data such as the list of articles within shopping carts for online purchases.
  • Permanent cookies: unlike session cookies, permanent cookies are collected in the computer memory for more than one single browser session, until they don’t expire or are not deleted. They therefore enable users’ “recognition” every time these access the site, and memorize their preferences, in order to provide personalized services.

Besides session cookies and permanent cookies, there are other types of cookies set in the sites that users choose to visit, as for instance this website, which are conceived on the purpose of supplying us or third parties with data.

3. How to use cookies

On this website we currently use the following types of cookies, and are likely to use them also in the future. We use session cookies in order to ensure safety and check users’ data while they are visiting the website pages: this also means users don’t need to enter their data every time they visit a new page.
We use permanent cookies in order to collect and elaborate data anonymously aggregated for statistic and evaluation purposes, to improve the use of the website and its structure.
Many cookies are conceived in order to make sure users have an optimal experience. Cookies are used to better users’ experience while they are using our website (for instance through cookies detecting if the user’s browser is able to support particular technological functions). This enables users to download pages more quickly when they are downloading particularly heavy files.
Besides cookies transferring data, we also use cookies that collect data and send them to third parties. Google Analytics is an example of such cookies. We use Google Analytics to collect and elaborate data such as the number of visitors, the site they are sailing from and the pages that are being visited. It is possible to visit Google to have information on Google provacy policy and on what to do in order to avoid receiving Google Analytics cookies. In case the website allows to set the cookies or access other websites from the site by opening the links supplied, the operators of these sites use such cookies with due regard for their policy on the subject, which may differ from ours.
As for the cookies of this site, users are able to block third parties’ cookies by using their browser’s settings.

4. Rejecting cookies from this website

Most browsers are set in order to accept cookies. However, if users wish to reject cookies, they are able to do so, generally by modifying their browsers’ settings. Furthermore, it is possible to configure the browser settings in order to enable users to accept specific cookies and receive notification every time a new cookie is about to be memorized on their computer, so that users are able to choose whether to accept it or not on a case-by-case basis. Users are supplied with many different tools in order to manage cookies, as for instance their browser’s “Guide”. It is also possible to deactivate or delete the memorized data used by technologic tools alike to cookies, such as Local Shared Objects or Flash cookies, by modifying settings on their browser’s “added components” or by visiting the browser developer’s website. Our cookies enable users to access some of the site’s functions; we therefore suggest not to reject them. In case users reject them, they might be limited in the use of some functions or of the website as a whole.

5. Cookies in detail

Category Description How to block cookies
Site cookies These cookies are necessary to a correct operation of the site. It is possible to block these cookies by correctly setting the browser protection options.
Read the instructions supplied by the browser’s maker.
Google Analytics These cookies are used to collect information on how visitors can use the site.
These cookies collect anonymously information which are used to better the site.
It is possible to disable Google Analytics operation by following the instructions reported here.