Frequently asked questions

  1. Where can I find the paper book?
    My book is available in paper version directly on this site on “My book” page. What are you waiting for? I have a present for you: shipments in Italy are free!
  2. Where can I buy Chapter 16 with the “Protocols for working safely / anti-contagion measures from COVID-19 in centers of: aesthetics – Permanent make-up / tattoo – piercing?
    Chapter 16 in the Addendum is in DIGITAL VERSION, with 330 pages that can be downloaded directly in PDF by the “Hygiene Manual” book. On the last page of the Manual you will find instructions to download them for free as they are included in the manual. This solution has been carefully evaluated and considered the optimal one to ensure that information relating to Covid-19, the evolution of the pandemic and new regulations are constantly updated. This makes it a unique, innovative, technological and always up-to-date manual.
  3. When was the last update of the Manual? 
    In the 4th edition of April 2022 of the “Hygiene Manual – Complete guide for the activities of: aesthetics, permanent makeup, tattooing, piercing” you will find 15 printed Chapters (reviewed and presented by the Ministry of Health and by CEPEC – European Confederation of Professional Beauticians and Cosmeticians) together with Chapter 16, to download for free, dedicated to everything you absolutely need to know to work safely and just updated to the latest industry regulations.The decision to publish Chapter 16 in DIGITAL VERSION, with the pages downloadable in PDF directly by the book, following the instructions on the last page of the Manual, was carefully evaluated and considered the optimal solution to ensure that the information relating to Covid- 19, as the pandemic evolves and the new regulations are constantly updated. This makes it a unique, innovative, technological and always up-to-date manual.

    In addition, in Chapter 16 I have included direct LINKS (hyperlinks in blue) that allow you to open files with the original documents and sources used, for your further verification.

    I wrote Chapter 16 to clarify and give a GUIDE to follow for all Operators in the Personal Services and Wellness sector (Beauticians, Dermopigmenters, Tattoo Artists, Piercers, hairdressers, barbers, hairdressers, etc. and wellness centers, Spas , spas, personal treatments such as mud-balneotherapy and massage therapy, thermal pools and inhalation treatments, swimming pools and gyms connected to spas and wellness centers, etc.) and for schools, companies, associations and bodies that deal with Training courses of these activities.

    The NEW PROTOCOLS recommended are valid for all activities and services related to the Wellness and Personal Care sector.