Dr Aurelia Fonda

  • currently working at the Italian Ministry of Health, spokeswoman for the Directorate General of Health Prevention of the European RAPEX alert system, graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Milan with honors (1989);
    laureata in Medicina e Chirurgia presso l’Università degli Studi di Milano con votazione di 110/110 e lode (anno 1989);
  • specialised in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine (Hygiene and Hospital Practices) at University of Milan (under Prof. A. Pagano) with honors (1993);
  • from 9/16/1999 until 9/30/2006 director at the Ministry of the Environment, responsible for the technical contents drafts of the environmental and health regulations, as part of the contingency of experts required by Italian law 475/88, in particular contributed to the drafting of Italian Presidential Decree 254/2003 regulating Health Waste Management;
  • in 2006 received a personal decoration from the Italian Minister of the Environment for institutional health and waste activity;
  • lecturer and tutor in the Italian-Tunisian Seminar on Hospital Waste Management organized by the Italian Directorate General for Relations with the European Union and for International Relations of the Tunisia Health Ministry as part of the conference Les 15ème Journées Nationales d’Hygiene, Hammamet, Tunisia;
  • lecturer in 2012 and 2014 at the courses Authorization, Control and Supervision in the Field of Tattoo and Permanent Makeup, organized by the Higher Institute of Health and ONDICO, teacher at numerous courses for the NAS.

Three adjectives to describe Simona: enthusiastic, determined, professional.
Three adjectives to identify the manual: detailed, complete, necessary.

I met Simona by phone and what impressed me most about her is her determination and enthusiasm.
Correct hygienic-sanitary guidelines for operators in the aesthetics sector as well as in people services in general is particularly delicate for those whoever believes in prevention. We wish to do our best because the customer has the right that all the precautions are respected and the transmission risk of serious illnesses is minimized.
The phone call of Simona brought me back in time when – only just after my graduation – I used to work in the health department and I was responsible for shop inspection. This is why I gladly accepted to read and revise this manual; it makes a fluent and even catchy reading and is at the same time accurate and complete.
I hope this text can find its right place among the desks of young people who choose to work in the field of aesthetics services (permanent makeup, aesthetics, tattoo, piercing), but that it will also be read by those who already work as such and want to refresh to ensure the best results for their customers.
Good luck to everyone.

Mrs. Laura Grilli – President of CEPEC


European Confederation of Professional Beauticians and Cosmeticians – based in Brussels, is the Confederazione Europea delle Associazioni nazionali di rappresentanza dei centri di estetica in EU countries;

  • was created in 1995 by a group of national aesthetics associations and the first meeting between the representatives of the various countries took place in Tunisia. Since then, many members have joined the CEPEC which today consists of Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Malta, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Finland;
  • is committed to promoting better conditions for the development of aesthetics companies at European level and has been very active towards the European institutions by presenting matching positions on the issues that have an impact on the profession of esthetician;
  • is currently engaged in various projects developed along the lines of EU programs, such as Erasmus+ to create a European standard for social aesthetics specialization or, in a project Capacity Building to promote best practices and to strengthen representation in countries where this does not exist;
  • is a member of UEAPME (European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) the organization of employers representing the interests of crafts, businesses and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) at European level (about 12 million enterprises employing 55 million people across Europe) and participating in various committees of this organization (training, environment, social, fiscal, etc.).


  • called my book Hygiene and Safety a useful and necessary tool, authorizing me to use the CEPEC logo in future publications, events and manifestations;
  • recognizing the importance of hygiene for the safety of the esthetics centers and of their clients them, is committed to promoting a higher degree of knowledge and competence among the operators in the sector regarding the aspects of hygiene and safety and, for this reason, considered that the diffusion of the book Hygiene and Safety in beauty centers and the training schools could provide a very important contribution with its specific contents;
  • will publish Hygiene and Safety on their website as from September 2018. The Associations of aesthetics centers in the various EU countries participating in CEPEC will be able to invite Simona Casadei to directly promote the dissemination of the manual in their country and every single organization can advertise the manual also through its website.