Privacy Policy


This policy is in accordance with UE 2016/679 (GDPR) Regulation, concerning persons’ and other individuals’ protection with reference to the information regarding them.

  1. Holder of personal data processing:
    Your personal data will be processed by Carpe Diem Tattoo belonging to Simona Casadei and located in Rome, in Via Roberto Ago n. 26, for the purposes described at paragraph 4) “Purpose of personal data processing”.
  2. Type of personal data:
    Within the personal data processing, only the personal data that you will directly and voluntarily supply Simona Casadei’s Carpe Diem Tattoo with, will be processed.
    By personal data we mean “any information concerning an identified and identifiable natural person” (art. 4 par. 1 n. 1 from GDPR).
    Specifically and as an example: curriculum vitae, photos, testimonies, remarks, and any other data you will voluntarily and freely provide.
  3. Acquisition of personal data:
    Your personal data must be sent to the following e-mail address: o
  4. Purpose of personal data processing:
    The data you will supply will be processed in accordance with the purpose they have been given on or on purposes in some way connected to it.
    In particular, the data collected by Simona Casadei’s Carpe Diem Tattoo will be processed only on the following purposes:

    • Publication and/or spread by whatever means of the data you will voluntarily and freely supply, through e-books, books or any other paper publications, on the website and on Simona Casadei’s Carpe Diem Tattoo socials.
    • management and fulfilment of legal obligations.
  5. Data processing modalities:
    Data processing will be carried out through modalities ensuring their safety and confidentiality, in accordance with (UE) 2016/679 Regulation.

    • data processing may be carried out through electronic tools or not, in any case ensuring their safety and confidentiality.
    • data processing is carried out by the holder and/or persons responsible or in charge for it, appointed by the Holder on this purpose.
  6. Communication of data:
    The processed data may be communicated to third parties in those cases compliant with law or imposed by measures by the competent Authorities. Such Third parties will operate as autonomous Holders or, if appointed, as those responsible for or in charge of the data processing. In this second case, they will be provided with suitable instructions, especially with reference to the use of safety measures, in order to ensure confidentiality and safety of your data.

    The personal data processed will NOT be spread in other ways, without the concerned person’s consent.

  7. Rights of the person concerned:
    In accordance with article 7 and articles 13, comma 2, lett. (b), (d) and from 15 to 22 of GDPR of the Code, we inform you that:

    • You have the right to ask the Holder to access the personal data, to modify or delete them or to limit the processing concerning them, to reject their processing or to revoke your consent, besides the right of data portability;
    • You can make a claim to the Data Protection Commissioner by following the procedures and indications published on the official WEB site by the Commissioner itself on;
    • any possible correction, deletion or limitation of the data processing carried out at your request, unless this turns to be impossible or requiring an exceeding effort, will be communicated by the Holder to each of the recipients to whom your Personal Data have been transmitted. The Holder will be able to communicate these recipients’ names if you make a request.

    Your requests for the exercise of your rights will have to be directed to the data processing Holder in writing.

  8. Right to access personal data:
    The person concerned has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data regarding him/her, even if they are not registered yet, and to obtain them in an intelligible form. He/she has the right to be informed on:

    • the source of the personal data;
    • the data processing purposes and modalities;
    • the criteria applied in case the data processing is carried out through electronic tools;
    • the identification details of the holder, of those responsible and of the representative appointed in accordance with article 5, comma 2;
    • the entities or categories of entities to whom the personal data may be communicated or who can be informed on the data as representatives appointed within the state territory, responsible for or in charge of the data processing.
  9. The person concerned has the right to obtain:
    • update, correction or integration of the data;
    • cancellation, anonymization or block of data processed unlawfully, including those that don’t need to be retained with reference to the purposes on which the data have been collected or subsequently processed;
    • the attestation that the operations listed at letters a) and b) are known, also in terms of contents, by those to whom the data have been communicated or spread, except for the case in which such fulfilment turns out to be impossible or requires the use of tools and efforts exceeding the right protected.
  10. The person concerned has the right to object entirely or partially:
    • the personal data processing concerning him/her, albeit relevant to the purpose of the collection, if there are legitimate reasons for it;
    • the personal data processing concerning him/her aimed to send him/her advertising or sales material or any material concerning market research or commercial communication.