What do Italian top professionals think of Simona Casadei and her Hygiene and Safety Handbook?

Toni Belfatto

Toni Belfatto, has been in the world of dermopigmentation for 25 years, is one of the frontrunner experimental dermo-pigmentist in Italy and around the world. Inventor of Tricopigmentation, of which he holds the world patent, and creator of
a new teaching protocol on “Hyperrealistic Male and Female Eyebrows”. Toni has a dermo-pigmentation company for products and equipment, runs an academy and manages a new franchise project. In addition, he is also the author of two successful manuals.

I will describe Simona in one word: great. Or in a few lines: great professional,
great wife, great mom and great friend. A person who is able to get the most out
of any business activity. Now also produced a great book.

Three adjectives to describe Simona Casadei: Tireless, precise, determined.

Comment on the manual: I recognise Simona’s professionalism in these guidelines, a guide dedicated entirely to the respect for hygiene, a safety guide that I highly recommend to all the operators in the sector, where we have the opportunity to learn and study the fundamental themes of our work.

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Detailed, professional, informative.

Milena Lardì

Milena Lardì has been an aesthetician and paramedical micropigmentation technician for more than 20 years. In 2007 she developed a Tricopigmentation protocol that gained scientific recognition from the medical world in 2012.
Hundreds of experts, doctors and professionals in the field choose Milena Lardì’s protocol and Tricopigmentation is now recognized as complementary and alternative to hair transplantation or medical therapy .

I have known Simona Casadei for more than 10 years and from the first moment I appreciated the dedication she has for the world of micropigmentation, her seriousness and stamina. Always ready to grow and get involved, she is an example for many colleagues. I applaud Simona in particular for her humility that has characterized her since her first steps in this world. It is surely an example that professionalism, if combined with passion, is synonymous with excellence.

Three adjectives to define Simona Casadei: Professional, empathetic, tenacious.

Comment on the manual:
Reading is easy, flowing and dedicated to everyone, professionals and beginners who are approaching this job alike. It is an indispensable manual for completing the knowledge gained on a practical level and practicing the micropigmentist profession with the total awareness that is required of a professional in the sector.

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Awesome, indispensable, complete.

Jurgita Jasiunaite

International Master of Dermo-pigmentation, I represent the most important academies in the industry for 2 years: a Master for the Mediterranean countries in Microblading, European Master for a famous academy in the permanent make-up industry, holding a well-known beauty institute in Italy and a company in Lithuania. In 2017 I was credited by CIDESCO Italia as a Master and all my courses are accredited by CIDESCO.

I got to know Simona only recently and since she talked to me about her book, I was immediately struck her professionalism. From the very moment I opened the manual, I found confirmation of my thoughts about her. You can feel that there has been a great deal of work and study behind it. I have a deep appreciation for a professional like Simona.

Three adjectives to define Simona Casadei: Professional, precise, punctual.

Comment on the manual: Simona Casadei’s hygiene guidelines book has really filled a void in a sector where both the regulations and the facilities have never been able to fully define our work: Simona has immediately focused on the goal. I recommend it to all colleagues who want to make the best of their professionalism.

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Indispensable, complete, immediate.

Maria Rosa Suarez

Beautician since 1979. Pioneer of Permanent Makeup since 1988. Participated in countless national and international congresses and courses. From 2010 to 2016 President A.T.E.C. She knows all the dermo-pigmentation practices and applications.
Since 2017 Master in Italy and worldwide for a well-known company in the field for permanent make-up.

Simona is a careful professional, her main achievement is not speed but the result. Consistent with herself and with others. As much as her small body gives her a graceful look, but it does not take away from her firm and decisive character.

Three adjectives to define Simona Casadei: Meticulous, persevering, individualist.

Comment on the manual: A real professional manual, inherent in a sector that is all too often delegitimized by improvisation. Accurate, attentive and scrupulous in terms of procedures and norms, a Vademecum full respect for professionals, a bible for the neophytes.

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Serious, educated, necessary.

Consuelo Rinaldi

Consuelo Rinaldi grew up in the aesthetic center of her family. She has always been passionate about art, and made her first steps into the world of artistic and aesthetic tattoo through a high education course, then continuing with several fellowships at renowned studios. Specializing in aesthetic and paramedical micropigmentation, she collaborates with major surgeons for the reconstruction of breast cancer in cancer patients. Since 2014 she received a Master and is and international point of reference for a well-known European company established in the micropigmentation sector.

I had the pleasure of knowing Simona a few years ago at Cosmoprof in Bologna. A very well educated and competent person, the great impression I had of her since the first meeting regarding her high professionalism has consolidated over time.

Three adjectives to describe Simona Casadei: Competent, enthusiastic, headstrong.

Comment on the manual: A text is the fruit of a meticulous work, it encapsulates years of research and deals with important topics in an exhaustive and precise manner. I recommend it as a didactic text because of its rich content and the option to receive periodic updates.

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Complete, clear, updated.

Elisa Rauber

Elisa Rauber has been a permanent make-up artist since 2006, and runs a studio dedicated exclusively to this profession. She has broadened her training through seminars in Italy, Spain and Germany. She is a permanent make-up teacher and national technical coordinator for an important company in the industry and has been honoured to attend the Rai Unomattina broadcast in the section “Cosmetic Medicine” as a permanent make-up expert.

I greeted the news that an expert colleague with enthusiasm such as Simona, of whom I have always heard speak very well, has devoted soul and body to the drawing up of an entire manual on a difficult topic: the job of permanent makeup operator. She treats our profession seriously, and aware of its beauty.

Three adjectives to describe Simona Casadei: Precise, professional, very serious.

Comment on the manual: It’s even better to hear her tell why he made it: to allow those who approach this profession to have a superior guide, regardless of the attention that the industry’s leading companies have always brought us. Leading young people, giving them years of experience: another small big piece in the training of more and more aware and prepared operators. Brava Simona!

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Complete, in-depth, accurate.

Anna Maria Finelli

My interest in artistic make-up was my first step. At just 24 years I was already a dermo-pigmentist and I never stopped doing it. My knowledge in the field is both aesthetics and para-medical, although my greatest interest lies in the study of eyebrows and lips, on which I have elaborated techniques that I had the pleasure to present in recent years in the most prestigious international conferences.

I met Simona for the first time 18 years ago during a training course in Germany.
I was immediately struck by her sweetness, elegance, professionalism and her strong interest in research and upgrades, where she was always distinguished by her competence and knowledge in this sector.

Three adjectives to describe Simona Casadei: Elegant, timid, cultured.

Comment on the manual: I was intrigued by the idea of receiving the published book by my esteemed colleague Simona Casadei, and I think it is an essential guidelines for all those who work in the micropigmentation and tattoo field.

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Scientific, detailed, fluid.

Maria Micheli

Over 10 years of intense experience in dermopigmentation at national and international level, always focusing on her commitment to research and developing techniques and methods that make any dermo-pigmentation work safe and with a very natural effect. Oncology beautician, trainer for courses and Master of the highest level and speaker at numerous international dermo-pigmentation congresses.

I have a great esteem and deep respect for Simona, a person with excellent professionalism, enormous tenacity and a lot of passion for everything she does. A person of rare humility and so very, very hands-on

Three adjectives to describe Simona Casadei: Professional, headstrong, sensitive.

Comment on the manual: A professional, very detailed and clear manual that thoroughly inspects all the hygiene aspects of the world of aesthetics and dermo-pigmentation. A well-made book that everyone should read. An indispensable guide for every operator in the sector.

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Complete, thorough, clear.

Ursula De Lucia

At the age of 28, she had … her first encounter with the world of tattooing and micropigmentation… and fell in love with it.
She is now a micropigmentist, aesthetician and para-medical teacher for the several well-known Italian companies.
She has developed a training protocol for the 3D breast reconstruction after cancer and scar camouflage recognized and adopted in the IRCCS circuit, including the most important Italian hospitals, where she has the privilege of being a lecturer and teacher at Secondary Master’s Degrees of IRCCS Foundation Level.

I have known Simona Casadei since a few years ago. Her passion and expertise, make her a highly valued professional.

Three adjectives to describe Simona Casadei: Elegant, modest, competent.

Comment on the manual: I want to thank Simona for the great generosity shown in transmitting all her knowledge contained in the hygiene guidelines.
Finally a real guide for those who make their first steps towards the micropigmentist profession.
I suggest to include the book in all aesthetic and medical micropigmentation courses and especially in sanitary hygiene courses.

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Detailed, descriptive, educational.

Brigida Stomaci

Brigida Stomaci, make-up artist and beautician since 1978, specializing in permanent make-up since 1987. Runs a studio in Milan. Instructor.
ATEC’s founder and former President, she has devoted her free time in the last twenty years
to defend the CNA category as a trade union representative.

Simona Casadei was a student of mine in 1993 and since then she has always been engaged in updating and improving her profession. With persistence and tenacity, she has worked to become a reliable and scrupulous operator. She has always been involved in the association with passion and team spirit.

Three adjectives that characterize Simona: Accurate, scrupulous, sensitive.

Comment on the manual: In this book, Simona Casadei has attempted to collect and explain all necessary hygiene information and protocols. For the first time a text book dedicated specifically to the world of dermo-pigmentation. It is a good basis for those who start, and even for those who already have experience in the industry, a milestone in an ever-evolving industry.

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Essential, useful, encyclopaedic.

Rita Molinaro

I have been dealing with dermopigmentation for 25 years and I am best known in the scientific world. Author of several scientific publications and co-author of scientific technical manuals on the subject. Speaker at international conferences, specializing in post-pathology tattooing. Teacher at the University of Ferrara, master in dermopigmentation.

I have known Simona for many years. We met at some professional events. She has a careful approach to human relationships, a sweet attitude and a scrupulous attention in the search for her work.

Three adjectives that characterize Simona: Delicate, precise, discreet.

Comment on the manual: Simona has written what every professional should know even before worrying about the technical-artistic part: the safety of the customer and the operator first of all.

Rita Parente

Esthetician since 1971, expert in make-up, camouflage and dermo-pigmentation, who has
been teaching since the mid-1980s. She runs a center for aesthetics and aesthetics medicine,
an aesthetic school accredited by the Campania Region and founder of a cosmetic company. She is the author of numerous publications on books and magazines in the sector and a speaker, in Italy and abroad, at medical and aesthetics congresses.

I had the pleasure of meeting Simona at various conferences, including Permanent International in Berlin, where we discussed methodologies and dermo-pigmentation equipment.

Three adjectives to describe Simona Casadei: Constancy, professionalism, tenacity.

Comment on the manual: These hygiene guidelines is an interesting book, rich in useful information, not only for micropigmentists and tattooists, but for all aesthetic and wellness operators. I compliment Simona on this book, which will surely gain the success it deserves.

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Useful, detailed, informative.

Sergio Gabrielli & Antonio Smanio

Sergio Gabrielli & Antonio Smanio, dermopigmentation specialists, CIT – collagen induction treatment, make-up artists, beauticians, have consulted various medical and aesthetics institutes across the Italian territory for over 20 years. In 1997 formed their own brand.

I, Sergio, met Simona at the first Dermo-pigmentation course in 1995. Since then we have become “skin” friends. In 1997 my partner and colleague Antonio also got to know Simona and the friendship with her has become increasingly strong, expanding in our work, in courses and congresses. ATEC co-founders, evergreen. With her we also had the joy of becoming Diego’s uncles! We have so much esteem for Simona.

Three adjectives to describe Simona Casadei: Curious, persistent, lovable.

Comment on the manual: Finally in the aesthetics, micropigmentation, tattoo and piercing market, we have a book, indeed a real guide for work safety. A manual that binds all the knowledge of the sector, a great help to us. Really thanks to Simona Casadei who with her tenacity and sacrifice offers to share with us her years of experience and expertise in the field of aesthetics.

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Interesting, educational, addictive.

Laura Cioni

Bolognese beautician who started her specialization in micropigmentation in 1992, then
became an instructor for a leading company in the field, various collaborations with cosmetic salons and aesthetics medical centers, partner ATEC.

Simona is in her work, as I believe she is in life too: meticulous, punctual and always ready to increase her knowledge. I was fortunate enough to get to know her when she was commissioned to verify the validity of my requirements, in order to become an ATEC member, of which she was also a founding partner.
From that encounter the opportunity to dialogue and consult one another about work was a valuable opportunity for me to grow. I also remember some nice chatting on the trips to training events!

Three adjectives to describe Simona Casadei: Professional, gently patient, constant.

Comment on the manual: This book is what was missing!
I recommend it to all the operators in the sector and it is indispensable for anyone who is entering this business world.

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Easy to understand, detailed, useful.

Rosanna Dell’Olio

I started my career as a make-up artist in show business in the early nineties and almost
simultaneously began experimenting with the first dermo-pigmentation techniques by attending the first courses with various companies throughout Italy. Various paths and artistic licenses have led me to develop, and to experience a personal, concrete, visual style able to satisfy the most complex cases. Today I am a Master teacher of a well-known company.

I find Simona a trustworthy woman and I was very impressed with the commitment she put into her work.

Three adjectives to describe Simona Casadei: Entrepreneur, brilliant, determined.

Comment on the manual: The book is very interesting because it highlights the importance of making a customized protocol.

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Interesting, thorough, indispensable.

Antonio Proietti

Antonio Proietti was born in Tivoli in 1982, a painter since childhood, working in the field of sacred art from the age of 12 to 22 years. In 2006, he started the art of realistic tattooing and today he is recognized as one of the best tattoo artists in Italy.
He performs all forms of art in his studio all, from painting to sculpture, from tattoo to photography.

Simona is sure of her ideas and very professional. Her work demonstrates the will to improve a sector and to make our job impeccable and for total service of people.

Three adjectives to describe Simona Casadei: Determined, headstrong, respectful.

Comment on the manual: An interesting and at the same time very comprehensive manual full of social information. It fills in some major gaps in the aesthetic and tattoo fields, which can educate not only the specialists in the field, but also who is self-taught.

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Analytical, instructive, fundamental.

Bruno Valsecchi

Bruno Valsecchi, has been working as a professional piercer since 1994. He is professionally trained in London, after which he came back to Italy where to open several studios. He offers his services as a technical consultant for public and private entities, for magazines and publishing houses, designs jewellery and body piercing and body modification instruments for various companies, creates and develops various body modification procedures, organizes and participates in exhibitions and Body Art shows. He is also organizer of events related to body suspension. He teaches during international conferences and events.
He is founding partner of A.P.T.P.I. (Italian Professional Association for Piercers and Tattooists), A.P.T.P.I. Suspension Team, I.S.A. (International Suspension Alliance), S.S. (Safe Scarification Alliance), B.A.D. (Body Art Development), B.A.S.P. (Body Art Safe Practice). He is the founder of an innovative reconstructive plastic surgery technique and for consulting plastic surgery departments in Italy.

I met Simona as a founding member of ATEC in 2004 while attending one of the A.P.T.P.I congresses which I organized. Seeing disciplined professionals there who seemingly at the time were above our tattoo and piercings activities, I was curious and stimulated at the same time. Her spirit of professional abnegation has been confirmed over the years by her commitment to continuing vocational training to achieve quality and safety levels for her clients and, with this educational project, also for the entire community.

Three adjectives to describe Simona Casadei: Headstrong, coherent, positive and proactive.

Comment on the manual: After reading the book, I can confirm that it is an excellent general technical and hygienic point of reference, which concerns aesthetics practices, permanent makeup, tattoo and piercing.

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Innovative, detailed, useful.

Dr. Filippo Cardarelli

Graduated with Honours in Dentistry and Dental Prostheses. Specialized in Orthodontic with Honours at the University of Milan. Psychologist in Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Milan.
He has attended numerous courses in Italy and abroad. Author of publications in national and
international magazines. Author of a new orthodontic technique in children and adolescents: Elastodontic Therapy®. Speaker in Italy and abroad. Self-employed professional in Isernia, Florence, Milan and Chiasso where he deals exclusively with Orthodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry, collaborates with specialists in other disciplines to solve particularly complex cases.

Comment on the manual: The text is organized in a practical, systematic manner and provides the basis for a proper methodology.
Simona Casadei has adopted an easy reading format, explaining in precise detail important topics such as hygiene, sterilisation, arguments that unfortunately are often overlooked in the field of aesthetics and tattooing. I consider these guidelines a valid aid for those who want to have complete information about hygiene and health in the various areas of aesthetics, permanent make-up, tattoo and piercing.

Three adjectives to identify the manual: Innovative, complete, necessary.